Jeffrey Leon Donoso was born on Thursday, October 22, 1981, in Stamford, Connecticut, to Ecuadorian parents Leon and Margott Donoso.  Jeff was a miracle baby since the day he was born. He is survived by two older sisters, Lina, and Cristina. Jeff was born mentally challenged and with birth defects but that did not stop him from keeping his head high.  As a child he had to undergo an ear and pallet operation.  Born with only four fingers on his left hand made him feel unique and he knew he had an important role here on earth.  Jeff has been a fighter since the day he was born and his smile and personality were contagious to everyone he met.

As Jeff grew older he exceeded all medical expectations.  Told he would not be able to walk, speak, and live like others Jeff did the opposite and he was able to talk, go to school, walk, learn, and play his favorite sport of basketball. He enjoyed watching his favorite Ecuadorian soccer team “Barcelona” play and Jeff participated in a local team in Ecuador.  He never gave up and fought everyday so that his life would be as normal as could be. He had a gift, which he used wisely. It wasn’t a materialistic gift but a gift in his heart, soul and mind. Jeff had the gift of smiling and loving everything about life, and he shared this with everyone he met.

In the summer of 2013 Jeff was diagnosed with a very rare yolk-sac cancerous tumor in the sinus area.  He had to face a very risky operation, in which a brain, eye and ENT surgeons were involved.  After the operation he faced chemo and radiation multiple times, and with all his strength for about three years he fought and always smiled. Jeff’s cancer was very aggressive and on Saturday, March 26, 2016 he peacefully left us to be with the Lord.  Jeff is our blessed angel who is watching over us.

Jeff is a hero to many, and I know one of his dreams was to have a family of his own one day, just like his sisters. There will always be a little boy inside the man we called Jeff.  So with that in mind, Jeff’s Kids was created in his honor so that every child that Jeff’s Kids comes in touch with will be a part of the family. Smiling and love will be the gift that will keep on giving.

“I’ve got a heart of a Lion, and the eye of a Tiger.”